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AutomationEdge – True RPA Platform For Digital Enterprise

“AutomationEdge’s Robotic Process Automation establishes a digital workforce, enabling organizations to seamlessly operate 24/7 with precision. Recognized as one of the swiftest RPA tools in data processing, it ensures error-free operations.”

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  • CogniBot NLU interprets the language of IT, proficiently clarifying ambiguous statements during interactions with employees. AutomationEdge’s CogniBot model is crafted and trained using extensive data from millions of IT tickets, automatically constructing conversation dialogs.


  • Automating repetitive and mundane tasks streamlines the effort required for task execution. The exclusion of human involvement in these processes enables RPA bots to operate seamlessly at peak efficiency, minimizing errors. This leads to decreased wait times, costs, and enhanced overall efficiency.


  • A pivotal aspect of automation lies in its capacity to seamlessly integrate both compatible and non-compatible applications. RPA achieves this integration by exchanging information among business applications, utilizing UI automation to read data and navigate through various applications. This flexibility empowers RPA to integrate with any application.

Data Processing

  • Data often arrives in diverse formats such as Word documents, Excel sheets, PDFs, and frequently not in the format needed for application input or analysis. RPA can read and transform data into the necessary format for processing. AutomationEdge RPA stands out as the swiftest tool for data processing in the market.

Why ValueDX?

RPA No Code, Low Code and Pro Code Automation Platform

AutomationEdge Process Studio serves as an inclusive development platform accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a business user automating daily tasks, a DBA streamlining DB maintenance with SQL queries, or a seasoned developer handling intricate scenarios, Process Studio caters to all. Designed as a Drag → Drop → Automate tool, it equips developers with modern tools like GUI Spy, Record and Automate, Advanced Debugging, Version Control, ensuring the swift and seamless creation of robust automations.

Lower TCO With Multi-threading, Parallel Processing

AutomationEdge not only cuts down on licensing expenses but also minimizes infrastructure costs, significantly reducing your TCO. AutomationEdge introduces multilevel parallelism, allowing clients to curtail their TCO in three steps. A single AutomationEdge Bot can execute numerous automations simultaneously. A single agent can handle multiple automations concurrently on the same or different target systems, leading to reduced licensing investments.

ETL and iPaaS for RPA Processes

The era of solely depending on screen scraping and GUI automation is a thing of the past. Welcome to the age of Modern RPA, where AutomationEdge provides users with a diverse array of technologies to automate any scenario. Much like Janet, numerous AutomationEdge users leverage the platform’s flexibility to automate scenarios using the most suitable technology, enabling them to achieve highly robust automation with remarkably low Go-Live times.

AutomationEdge Cloud and On Premise

The decision is yours – whether on-premise or on the cloud. AutomationEdge RPA is a versatile multi-cloud solution and can also be implemented on-premise, ensuring optimal security.

Case Study

Automated Invoice Processing: Reduced processing time by 60% for a finance company.