ValueDx Technologies well-managed platform provides a complete service package to easily convert millions of webpages into plug-and-play data. Get clean & clear data from any site without any hassle!

We provide a perfect data mining and webscrapping service with the latest technology. We are the best in this field .

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is a skill, which is used for making data gathering in a quick and automated way. Data scraping is also known in terms of Content Scraping, Web Data Extraction, Data Harvest, Web Data Grabbing, Web Content Extraction, Screen Scraping, and Web Data Mining.
We offer data mining and web scrapping services that help our clients manage their data sources, perform predictive analyses and visualize the results. Using our unique methodology, we convert raw data into actionable insights so marketers discover new opportunities to improve sales.


We like the ease of information flow provided by the internet and want to convey the same to companies around the world. We deal with the end-to-end data pipelines from creating and maintaining the crawlers to cleaning and normalizing.
When performing data science tasks, it’s common to want to use data found on the internet. You’ll be able to access this data in CSV format, or via an Application Programming Interface (API). However, there are times when the data you want can only be accessed as part of a web page.
In cases like this, you’ll want to use a technique called web scraping to get the data from the web page into a format you can work within your analysis.
We partner with big data suppliers and key players to provide highly optimized reports ready for action. We provide data collection, extraction, validation, integration, and reporting services to assist with your business goals.
Scraping is a term through which you can gather data/information from World Wide Web.

We Help You Get Data & Images from Any Website

At ValueDx, we provide cost effective, most accurate & risk-free data scraping services, screen scraping, website data scraping, text parsing, scraping solutions, web data scraping services, social media scraping, data harvest, and customized web scraping data service to small, medium, and large sized companies.

At ValueDx Technologies Data Scraping, we have the following web data scraping capabilities:
● Automated keyword searching using Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines.
● Database extractions to do backups and replication
● Extract web data for research & analysis
● Get product and customer marketing insights from blogs, forums, as well as review websites
● Make website copies for legal, forensic, or the purposes of record keeping
● Observe web pages as well as offer alerts for different changes
● Produce RSS feeds using scraping and text headlines from news websites
● Scrape directory as well as do listing of data and transfer that to CSV or Excel
● Scrape formless data using the web, restructure, and clean-up for analysis
● Scrape icons, photographs, files, or PDFs
● Social media data scraping for customer analysis and different trends
● Update your site with scraped product details

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