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Streamline healthcare workflows and enhance patient care

Administrative tasks weigh down business efficiency, operational costs, and the patient experience.

“Healthcare providers grapple with inefficiencies and outdated legacy systems, expending numerous hours on monotonous, repetitive tasks. This results in staff burnout, suboptimal patient outcomes, diminished revenue recognition, and operational inefficiencies.”

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CareFlo constitutes intelligent computer programs, tools, and data analysis tailored for Home Health Care and various healthcare providers such as Home Care, Hospice, nursing facilities, and hospitals. Streamlining processes from initial information intake to financial management, CareFlo is crafted to simplify tasks by automating repetitive and mundane operations. It proves invaluable across diverse facets of home care and healthcare.

Why Choose CareFlo for Healthcare?

Patient Scheduling

CareFlo facilitates automated patient scheduling by synchronizing real-time data to display current appointment availabilities. The streamlined workflow and efficient data extraction expedite the entire process.

Electronic Health Record Management

Patient records arrive in various formats such as PDF, email, fax, and images. Utilizing OCR and AI, the patient data undergoes extraction and processing. Subsequently, automation is employed to update the information within the EMR system.

Insurance Eligibility

Streamline the monotonous task of entering patient details from insurance cards for eligibility verification through automated processes. The CareFlo RPA Bot seamlessly verifies eligibility and updates the status within the EHR portal.

Claim Management

For efficient handling of high-volume insurance claims, the CareFlo RPA bot can automatically populate insurance claim forms, enforce pertinent regulatory rules, and archive prepared claim documents in centralized systems.

Admission and Discharge Processes

Receive admission and discharge guideline notifications, detect omitted tests, and highlight urgent discharge cases by sending reminders for upcoming follow-up appointments.

Audit Management

Furnish real-time dashboard analytics to facilitate informed decision-making. Automatically generate predefined reports and, during audit compliance, use automation to identify errors and missing entries in the data.

Staff On and Off-boarding

Streamline staff onboarding and offboarding processes, conduct new hire inductions, create policies, and manage employee communications through automation. Ensure automatic updates to employee and learning management systems.

Manage Testing Requests and Reports

Optimize your hospital or lab’s test procedures by automating processes to deliver timely reports to patients. Ensure seamless updates of dependent systems like EHR or CRM with the latest data.

Verifying and Credentialing Physicians

Automatically verify medical professionals’ certifications, educational documents, licenses, personal records, professional history, and patents by cross-referencing with public sources of information.

Revenue Cycle Management

Harnessing RPA in revenue cycle management empowers healthcare professionals with accurate eligibility verification, claims submission, dispute management, and claims reconciliation processes. Bid farewell to payment delays and the hassle of system updates.

IT Service Desk Ticket Automation

RPA and AI manage the routing and resolution of service tickets related to data access, patient scheduling, EHR management, and more. AI-driven self-service assistance ensures swift resolutions for healthcare professionals, providing a seamless healthcare experience.

Case Study

Careflow’s implementation revolutionized patient care coordination, improving efficiency and communication among healthcare teams, resulting in enhanced patient outcomes.