Automated IT Ticket Analysis

Utilize an AI-powered analysis engine to identify the most suitable candidate for automation based on your ticket data.

“Leverage insights from your ITSM ticket data to identify automation candidates, optimize usage, and reduce costs. However, the sheer quantity and complexity of data may hinder significant insights, posing a risk to business growth if not managed effectively.”

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IT Ticket Discovery

Leverage Ticket Intelligence to pinpoint automation possibilities by analyzing IT ticket data within your ITSM system.
Utilizing advanced proprietary algorithms, including cutting-edge deep learning and neural network mechanisms, we can provide you with actionable insights from your ticket data, regardless of its volume or intricacy.
Our intelligent ticket analysis solution empowers you to comprehend your data across various parameters, including the accurate categorization of tickets, automation potential within service requests, incidents, inquiries, and knowledge document requirements. This data exploration for IT ticket data not only identifies automation candidates but also outlines a strategic path for your automation journey.
Our exclusive models have undergone extensive training with millions of tickets of diverse nature, ensuring that you receive the most comprehensive analysis tailored to the data you provide.

Why Choose DiscoveryEdge for IT Tickets Analysis?

AI based ticket analysis

Deep insights into your data

AI powered ticket-based data discovery

Web portal to upload tickets and download reports

100% privacy and security of data

Help identify ideal candidates for automation

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Unlocking Business Potential: Data Discovery Transforms Operations, Empowering Informed Decision-Making for Unprecedented Success.