Automated Collection and Reporting of IT GRC Evidence

Automate the Evidence Collection and Reporting for IT GRC

“ComplianceEdge aids in the automatic collection of evidence through features such as synthetic monitoring, experts on call or packaged service, speed, and scalability. This facilitates proactive real-time event tracking, addressing issues before escalation. Ultimately, it empowers businesses to establish a robust GRC framework.”

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Automated Evidence Collection

  • No more creating excels manually
    and folders full of screenshots
  • Automatically collects evidence
    Generate real-time, sharable reports

Synthetic Monitoring

Continuously monitor quick alerts on compliance breach For example,

  • Contractor access isn’t terminated
  • New employee skips security process
  • Customer database isn’t encrypted

Experts on Call and Packaged Service

A team of automation experts at your service

  • Tool and Technology Consultant
    ITSM / CMDB / SIEM / IT Monitoring / IT operations
  • Compliance Consultant
  • Automation Developers

Speed & Scalability

Reusable automation workflows to bring speed and efficiency in IT operations

  • Enterprise wide automation
  • Reusable automation workflows
  • Scalable across different compliance and reporting needs

Why Choose ComplianceEdge for Compliance Management?

ComplianceEdge For RBI-CSITE

Pre-built, customizable mapping of over 150 Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) to Controls for simplified monitoring.

Generate RBI-CSITE quarterly Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) reports with just one click.

Automated verification of compliance and collection of evidence.

Choose the depth of controls based on your preferences.

Automated maintenance of controls.

Facilitates proactive tracking and implementation of actions on controls and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs).

Advantages of ComplianceEdge

Simplified Compliance Tracking and Reporting to RBI

Improved Efficiency and Productivity


Saves Money

ITSM/COBIT/Cyber Security Expert on Call

Faster Implementation

Automates Compliance Tests

Automates Evidence Collection

Partner in the Compliance Journey

Case Study

Compliance Edge revolutionized our global operations, ensuring precise adherence to regulations, reducing errors, and providing real-time insights, resulting in significant cost savings and fortified compliance.